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I come to my 2bedroom apartment, a big living room with a leather couch on the center, my small but portable desk table and laptop set up to the right...kind of a small office type in my room I do freelance writing every here and there. A big green silk like curtains over the big view window on the back of a cough. My room Is somewhat dim I don’t like too much light, most of my jobs are overnight or graveyard shifts when I come home often I prefer to sleep. Here I come with some food I took from. When Paula made a reference to Francesca being naughty I saw my opportunity to jump in, even though I had no idea where it was likely to lead.?Are you a naughty girl, Paula?? I brazenly asked her.This certainly stopped Paula in her tracks. She blinked several times and gave me a confused look. ?What?? was all she could muster in response.?Are you a naughty girl?? I repeated.?What sort of question is that?? She tried to sound offended.?I believe you are a naughty girl who knows she deserves to. I jump as she makes her first contact with me of the night. A hand to my ass a loud *smack* echos through the bathroom. My cheek stings. Again her hand comes down on my ass. My other cheek burns now too and I know i deserve this. My breath is staggered and i bend over for her. Thank you master. Thank you master. Six more slaps. Three for each cheek. Six more thank yous. Each one meaning more than the last. When I brace myself for more I dont feel the sharp sting on my ass again but instead i. .Fir who uth ke khada ho gaya aur mere nange badan ko niharne laga…………. Fir wo mere pairo ko faila ke beech mai baith gaya. Aur apna lund mere chut mai halke se ragad raha tha.Main saare sharam ko tyag kar boli, “Ab mat tadpao, meri chut mein is laude ko daal do.” Maine mehsus kiya ki mere chut se kuch nikalne wala hai. Maine kaha ruko mujhe bathroom jana hai par Mali ne mujhe rook liya aur mere chut maim munh daal ke meri chut chusne laga. Mai control nahi kar payi aur achanak mere chut se.

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Seducing Bath

Seducing Bath

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