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Barbara was secretly jealous of Pam's open attitude about sex and hearing how often and how well she was getting laid. I had met Pam a few months befo...e this and we were having some incredible, no strings attached, sex. This particular night, Pam was telling Barbara about one of our recent encounters. We had run into each other in the grocery store. I noticed Pam's long nipples were fully erect, but wasn't sure if it was from the cool air in the produce section or the hug I gave her. At any. "No, not exactly." She squirmed around on the couch a little bit."Come on, nobody will say a word to you if you just want to hang out and be sociable and just watch." Well, I don't know if I could just watch." Well, if you wanted to join in, that would be cool, too." Uh, that isn't exactly what I meant." Her nipples were a bit more prominent under the silk. I glanced at them, and the consider amount of cleavage between them where the robe was open."Oh? Uh," I got what she meant. "Well, if you. "Kennedy nodded. Obviously, a riddle. She'd said it, too! How very odd!He bounced up, picking up a kendo stick. "Ready to get spanked?"She cast a fond, longing glace at Lady Kennedy, but she'd already spent half the morning swinging her.They had hardly gotten started when there was a startled gasp from the door to the practice room. They stopped and both turned. Kennedy's mother was standing there, looking confused."What is that? You're beating each other with sticks?" It's a form of fencing,. Heather from The Pink Side."OK.No one on earth should ever be as surprised as I was with all that wasin that paragraph from Mom.Mom and Dad KNEW I was a cocksucking crossdresser named "Jennifer?"They accepted it all?Someone was at the house from The Pink Side? Recruiting me orsomething?My head was about to explode.I barely remember following Mom into our living room where Dad wassitting with a stunner of a babe Mom had said was named Heather.Oh my!Dad was sitting, but I'm almost sure that he.

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