It all started when I noticed how attractive he had become. I was caught off guard because I didn’t see him that way before. I never really noticed ...he change in his body until now.I was curious as to why he never appeared on my ‘more than friends’ radar. I was looking back at some pictures from our freshman year. When we first met he was a kind of a scrawny 19 year old, as for me, I looked a little silly with my giraffe legs and knobby knees. He used to tease me about my legs. Both of our. .pumping my cock into her mouth. As the pleasure overtook me I shot my first load into her mouth. I could see her trying to swallow my thick white liquid. A few drops escaped from between her lips and landed onto her tits. As my jerking subsided she removed my cock from her mouth and licked her lips."That was quite a load you shot, Chase. Aunt Sherry could hardly swallow fast enough. You taste delicious!" Uh..thank you. I really liked that alot." What was I suppose to say to my gorgeous aunt. I dropped my shorts and crawled on the bed between her legs. I kissed her body up her body over her stomach, sucked both tittys, neck, and whispered in her ear. I wanted you all day since I woke up and know I am going to make love to you sexy. Yes, I have wanted you in me all day.I moved my cock between her very wet lips and pushed in. She moved her legs around my back with a gasp…O yes Baby you feel so good and deep in me. Fuck me as hard as you want because I love you so much. Her pussy feels. I liked her when I saw her for the first time. I always try to talk to her more so I can spend more time with her.As days passed aunty & I talked a lot more about my life & sometimes about my gf and all. 1 day I asked her about her family life for which she started crying and was not able to speak a word I understood that her personal life was quite disturbed.I tried to console her but was not successful so I left but was continuously thinking about her problem. She never gave me any signs of.

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Rambha boobs sniffed

Rambha boobs sniffed

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Soni Solo

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