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Me, I knew my way around hints. Well, no, I sucked at them actually, but I knew that it was a loud and clear invitation, and I was more than ready to ...ace the storm. I had no idea how true those words would ring. Dressing in my best clothes, a pair of pants and a t-shirt – I'm a struggling artist, keep your criticism to yourself – I bought a long stemmed red rose and drove to her place. My heart was floating in my chest with happiness. We would finally be able to continue from where we had. “Right now I’m more interested in getting everyone skilled in how to operate all the equipment available to us. I can build the respect, but if we can’t operate the ship, we’ll go nowhere fast.”Lenore began massaging my shoulders. She looked over at Morgause. “Mark was asking if the concubines could join us.”“Is that all?” Ingrid asked. “Lisa, you can join us. You don’t have to just huddle in a corner.”Another of the young ladies stood up. This one walked over and immediately put her arms. I found my panties and shorts that I left here yesterday and laid them out so that I would have a place to sit or lay down. I than took off my shirt and bra so that I could get some sun and rest a bit – I love being naked and now outdoors was like being in heaven. I laid back on my clothing and closed my eyes to relive what had just happened with the stranger on the path. I started to finger my pussy and was I wet. I was starting to breath fast and was getting into it, my finger was going. I was of course into porn, and through those gaps I saw real live naked breasts, cunts, bottoms and legs just like I’d ogled in the men’s magazines. I don’t know how I never got caught. I guess in those days the lure of seeing a naked woman overcame all my fears. Sometimes I was conscious of being watched through a peephole myself but I never let on I knew I was being watched. That always gave me a good hard erection which I was only too eager to display to my secret admirers and sometimes to.

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