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He hoped she would enjoy it but that was incidental to their pleasure. He took her by the hand and lead her into another room, this one done up as a d...ngeon with shackles on the wall and various items, like a well fitted gym.In the meantime, Harry had been taken into another room where he could watch through a two way mirror but could not interfere or take part. He could hear everything through a sound system but could not be heard. He later found that there was a full sound and vision. The television was playing for its own sake.I paused for a moment, I pulled my hand away. His chest tensed. His legs tensed. I licked my fingers. Then I slipped his cock out through the unbuttoned fly of his boxers and started to stroke him. Slowly and gently. I was in no hurry to rush him to orgasm. I stroked him gently, occasionally squeezing tighter, sometimes faster. Mostly I just worked slowly. Up and down, turning my hand, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock in my hand. I rewet my hand. Till my dick fully entered, and I was lying above her, with my chest over her breast firmly pressing them.My dick was paining a little bit, as it never experienced such deep penetration, and slowly I started fucking her. I was going to ejaculate in starting itself, but i controlled myself by stopping at correct time, and kept my pace slow and steady… Sounds like yaaaaaa, aaaaaaa…… umhhhhh, hhhhaaaaaaahhh were coming, and little sound of fucking was coming out. We were sweating a lot, and smell. My story over here is 5 years old when I joined a new job in Mumbai & was just new to the city. I was a shy Punjabi guy who was still a virgin & having a lots of theoretical knowledge about sex. I am an exercise freak & the first thing I did after settling in was joining the gym. My gym had 2 male & 1 female instructor. The female instructor used to come in the afternoons & leave by 7 & the rest of the time was manned by the 2 male instructors. I used to start my work outs by 6 in the evening..

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