Christ, I even hadCassie's voice. I turned back to the mirror and looked myself over. Therewas no piece of me that resembled my actual self and my gen...tals were themost drastic change. In place of my penis there was now just a verticalfold between my legs."Shit, shit, shit! What am I gonna do!?" I asked myself, pacing in acircle. "Okay, let's take this slow. First thing first, I need to getdressed. I can't walk around naked in my sister's body all day. But myclothes won't fit me anymore. That. Joey then pulled back and finished getting naked while Dianne took off her jeans and panties and got on the bed on her hands and knees. Her nude breasts were hanging down with her hard nipples poking out from when Joey had sucked on them. He got on the bed behind her upturned ass. Dianne’s pussy was on the perfect level with his hard and sticking out cock.The beautiful brunette let out a loud satisfying sexual moan when Joey slid into her hot slick cunt. He then grabbed two handfuls of her. The feelof his strong body pressed against her naked skin added to the thrilland excitement of the kiss. She melted into his arms and she gave herbody to her new lover once again.His hands reached the front of her body and began to lightly massage herbreasts, making sure to pinch and pull her nipples which caused her tomoan again in pleasure. Kerry pulled away from Susie’s lips and kissedhis way down her chest and stomach. He positioned himself with his mouthinches away from her bald mound.. " Please...please make my bottom red. Make me...dress me perfectly."The first strike was hard and she jolted forward and tried to stand but the woman's other hand on her back prevented it."Stay very still. Stay in place." She reached a hand to the closest rail of clothes for support and then it was a storm on her behind. Feeling waves of heat and hurt rolling through her cheeks as that hand came down again and again without pause. The hangers on the rack shaking and bouncing and almost but not.

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Kill Him (2020)

Kill Him (2020)

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