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"Come with me to the kitchen Susan, we need to chat for a moment." Did you, ahhh..." I could tell my sister didn't know exactly how to ask her questio.... Finally, she blurted out, "Did you spend all night with him?" I heard my sister finally ask as they left the room."Yes, we finally made love," Katelyn answered, "And it was amazing." The two of them were giggling as they softly shut the door to the room and after that I could hear nothing more of their conversation. I carefully swung my legs. "We all saw the same movie. Gwen was amazing. I just tried to keep up. Why do you think the movie was titled 'Billie Jean'? Gwen was Billie Jean and she made the movie. It was pretty good though, wasn't it? It really makes us feel good when we do something that you're proud of, Ms. Walker. Your opinion means a lot to us. It did from the first day I met you and it always will." That's exactly why you two are so successful," responded a smiling Ms. Walker. "You work so hard to always give your. I was 21 years old, studying engineering in a college. I went to college from my home daily. One fine day we saw our new neighbours arriving. The neighbour’s house is right next to us. They were a couple who were married for a year and moved here. They also brought a pet dog with them. Since I liked pets I used to spend a lot of time at their home playing with it.In my home I had a separate room above. From my room I can clearly see the couple’s bedroom through their window. Sometimes they. . ughg... ughhg!My face was mashed against the mirror in back of the sink, his hand on the back of my neck forcing me flat across the sink as he fucked into me with fast brutal strokes. My toes barely touched the floor and each time he fucked deep against me, my hips ground against the edge of the counter and my toes left the floor.His hands ran up and down my sides and fastened around my hanging titties, squeezing them over and over through my thin blouse, like he was milking a cow. His balls.

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