I knew I would be drinking and it was an hour drive back home. I couldn't take my hands off of her. Now, here we are, in the elevator, kissing against...the wall. Can't this thing move any faster? A couple had gotten on somewhere while we were going up, but neither of us paid attention to them. Finally, our floor number comes and we walk down the hall to the room. I can feel my heartbeat race as I use the key card to unlock the door. She pulls her jacket off and lets it fall to the floor as I. .Unhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!!! Jennifer was embarrassed at words thatwould ordinarily never pass her lips but in her sexual frenzy she couldn'thelp herself...Jennifer had just had one of the most explosive orgasms ofher life...Taylor wiped a drop of sweat from her cheek and she thought hewas going to give a measure of kindness...When he began again Jennifer felt like a rag doll, caught in a whirlwind andall sensation centered in her cunt...Now she joined in the fucking and herbody heaved to meet. “Mmm, I was thinking that, too. I’m ready when you are.”I pushed forward and slowly slid into her slippery softness: I don’t think I’ve ever got used to the feeling of entering a woman for the first time and Karen felt every bit as good as anything that I’d experienced previously.“Mmmm, that feels pretty wonderful, too! Now fill me up with your baby juice, please!”No graphic details, I’m afraid; to be honest, I was concentrating so hard on giving Karen a good time that I forgot to take notes!. I now wondered who she was trying to attract at the party. I was surprised when Kathy let the blouse open that she wasn't wearing a bra. I had watched her dress for the party, and she had put one on. More info that she had the hots for whoever came today. I imagined Chuck Benson sucking my wife's tits.When Kathy started rubbing the front of my pants, all previous information disappeared. All I wanted to do was fuck my sexy woman. As she lay on the kitchen table with her legs spread open to me,.

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