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?" I'm Mike. I thought you should know." Hmm, Mike." A soft chuckle, "I like that." Kelly?" Hmm... ?" Kelly, darlin', We have to get up."She made a so...t sound of disapproval, as she snuggled tighter."Yes, you do," said a voice from the other room.We froze, fear coursing through both of us."Daddy?"Daddy? OH SHIT!"I have to use the restroom," said the voice. "You two get yourselves together, while I do that."I heard his footsteps fade, then the creak of a door.Kelly looked up at me and I met her. ”They split up into couples, and each went off to a bedroom. Dave closed the door behind him and Bonnie and started getting naked.Bonnie smiled wickedly, “Okay, Dave. So, to show me how much you want to fuck my ass, you need to fuck your own ass with the neck of your beer bottle.”Dave gasped at first, about to protest. Then Bonnie took off her bikini bottoms and bent over, exposing her tight little rosebud to him.He thought for a moment, and then he said, “Well, fuck! If that’s what it’s going. They come to town about once a month, but we’ve only seen them that one time.“Dan and Troy sat at home wondering what we were doing – we sent them some texts and photos just so they had some idea. I confess that we fucked them blind when we got home the next morning. We’d farmed out the kids, so the four of us had the run of our house. We did each other’s husbands in front of the other as we told them about our night, and the loooong thick cocks we’d fucked, and on and on. They responded just. They kissed passionately now and he let his hands fall to her waist. He snatched her body tight to his and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Eventually the kiss broke and they stood lost in each other’s eyes. Not content to allow the moment to pass, Jessie kissed her husband again, this time transitioning quickly to his neck. Her hands went to his waistline and started to undo his belt buckle. He responded in kind, reaching for the hem of her sundress and caressing her tender flesh.

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