When I knew that I was alone, and it was safe to stand up, I worked my way around the house, after adjusting my Dick in my shorts, so as not to be so ...bvious. She met me at the back screen door (more kool-aid, ugh), put a tupperware cup in my hand, then said that we might as well sit inside on the porch. I didn't make quick eye contact with her when we both sat, because I was trying to find a way to sit "properly". I finally raised my head to look at this very pretty lady. She stared down at. Her long dark hair lay gently over her shoulder and her baby doll face and beady brown eyes put icing on the cake. Weylie was blessed with her mother’s Asian beauty. She had just started college straight out of high school, and was catching an early breakfast with her roommate that morning. “Uh, earth to Weylie.” Leanne, her roommate, said waving her hand in front of her face. Weylie’s fantasy was suddenly interrupted by her roommate’s sudden cry for attention. She had spent most of her. Becky looked at me and said, “Tell them, or I will?”“I know that look, Ricky,” her sister Jennifer said.“I would just ... I mentioned ... that if we got married ... this group would be a loud bunch at the wedding,” I relented.My dad chuckled as her dad said, “While I approve of you as her boyfriend, let’s hold off on the marriage talk for a couple of years, OK?”“Yes sir, Mr. Knowles. I was comparing a Yahoo search to a Google search a while back, and found out that, with a consent form, you can. Honesty was my answer. I drove to her house grabbed the blue splattered box, and headed up the steps, ringing the bell and I waited as instructed. She took her time, eventually opening the door. Her expression changed to a smirk as she caught site of the blue paint on my hands, and the package."John, its time we talk, you know the rules, I will meet you in the kitchen."When I arrived in my socks, package in hand, she was sitting at the table, a small camera sat in front of her. I started to.

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