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TBH, I never would have pinged the HOG for a Skoda driver. Mercedes-Benz cabriolet would’ve been my guess. I had last seen the HOG slinking out of ...he café, so fucking upset that he couldn’t even look me in the eye. I never thought I’d see him again. When I saw he’d come back to the café, I suddenly felt so excited and happy. I’d been down ever since the HOG and his Italian pal had motored off out of my life. I told my mate Jan all about it, of course, about what a laugh I had fucking two. I asked out all those females to accompany me, none of them replied that day. Next day I recieved a snap from one female named shweta that she would love to accompany me for the paty and I started chatting with her. I asked her where she stays and I will pick her up from her place. She was staying at andheri, yari road as pg with 3 other girls from her office.She was working with a an it firm. We decided the dress code, it was blue / black . The eveing arrived, she buzzed me that she will be. He tucked her in and kissed her, but she was too far gone to respond.He placed a giant glass of water on her bedside table and got ready for bed himself. Despite the unusual quantity of alcohol sleep eluded him for quite some time. He realised he hadn't felt anything like this since meeting Helen all those years ago. Could this really be happening? Was he crossing the line between 'love' and 'in love'? With someone he had thought of as his niece for all of her life?George got up sometime after. “What? What do you mean!?” she said in shock.“Men cannot have sex with girls before becoming warriors, so village have a Queen to do sex with all of them” he explained.She could not believe her ears “But I can't do that...I am not a prostitute!” she protested“I know, but if you not do, they kill you” he replied.“Oh my God!” she said in utter despair.“It's ok, they treat you like Queen” he assured.“I don't give a shit...I don't want to fuck their brats, I am not a slut...I don't even like sex!”.

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