"Of course you're not, you both want to have sex with us two and all you have to do is let Mandy suck your cock."Nick was unconcerned that I wasn't re...lly a woman. "Who gives a fuck man, I know a good deal when I see one." He positioned himself in front of my face and unfastened the cock gag, I then heard him undo his zip. I was nervous and expecting him to shove himself deep down my throat but it didn't happen. I waited for a few seconds and then I felt his cock gently tapping my cheek. "Do. Of course, she proudly wore her gold wedding banding and diamond engagement ring. The pretty blonde yuppie wife expertly applied the red lipstick which matched the nail color on her fingers and toes. She ran a brush several times through her luxurious, shoulder-length blonde hair. Lastly, she dabbed some of her favorite perfume, White Shoulders, behind her ears, on her wrists, between her full breasts and then as an afterthought, wickedly pulled the slit of her dress aside far enough to dab a. Fortunately I was dressed semi-casual, wearing jeans and a pair of shoes that were comfortable for walking. She waited for me without much complaint as the bustle of another day on campus decelerated to a stop. She drove us across town to a patch of woods we’d never taken before. It was toward the edge of town, not far from my job, set back from a subdivision in a small park. The trail was unpaved with a simple sign to point out the starting point. ‘Where does this trail go?’ I asked her.. I had been sharing a house with two other guys, and I they both knew I would dress, but we didn’t speak of it, well until tonight. I was sitting around doing shots and watching tv with my two roomies, let’s call them Jon, and Barry. Jon was a small skinny Korean k**, who was very much influenced by Barry, the all American boy, tall, blonde athletic. Back to our story, the three of us started talking girls, and fucking, and moved onto ‘would you if you were d***k’ Barry started talking about.

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Desi fingering 1

Desi fingering 1

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