"Don't worry I got you." he says looking into her big brown eyes."You got me who got you?" I know that line, Lois Lane."Yeah I saw that movie with my ...addy, I was eleven!" Here let's go to the patio, and get some air." he takes her by the hand, and leads her to the patio, and he winks to his fiends of a knowing bet to bag a girl, that was unapproachable, Elena is a very friendly girl, and has several male friends, but her heart belongs to only one, but her judgement is off tonight, as he guides. The taste of his mother's juices attacked his taste buds as his tongue investigated the taste and feel of every place of her snatch. The bush of pubic hair, the clit, the thick outer lips, the labia, the pink slit, even her asshole. He wanted to taste it all and know what it felt like under his tongue.Jennifer curled her toes and bit her lower lip as she felt her son's tongue on all her secret, forbidden places. Places that any "normal" mother would spent her life hiding from her children. She. Aap kitne baje tak aayeingey?” Aawaz kisi aurat ki thi.Dadaji – “Abhi dhang se sure nahin hai. Par kal 11 baje raat tak aa jaunga. Kyun? Kya hua?” Woh boli, “Arey woh kya hai naa. Subedaar sahab ke saath Dev ke liye shaadi layak ladki dekhne aayi hui thi. Sahi nahin nikli woh.”Dadaji bole, “Koi nahin. Mil jaayegi koi. Pareshaan mat ho. Chalo beta. Main thoda doston ke saath kaam mein busy hun. Bad mein baat karte hain. Bye.” Aur fir dadaji ne phone kaat diya. Thodi der apne doston ko dekha aur. 6 guys like Mark who happened to dominate their moms setup a convention at a sleazy motel.It sounded very kinky i thought , i asked Mark what the other moms were like .& he said that they all agreed that before they met they would all text pics with masks on.(of themselves with their mom slaves)He showed me the first mom it was a black guy ( short ) with a taller ebony mom with small tits & big ass (you couldnt see her face cuz she was blindfolded. Mark said this was Leroy he was 20 & his mom.

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