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"While Carol was speaking, Julia resumed kissing me, so naturally Carol joined in. Julia winked at me and kept on with her kisses. I had no idea why t...e wink, but I knew what to do about the kisses so I concentrated on those, both Julia's and Carol's.I saw Carol attempt to kiss Julia, but Julia moved her lips away and used them to kiss me. Maybe thirty seconds later the same thing happened again. Julia seemed to be refusing to kiss Carol! After the third rejection I was sure, and was about to. She is hanging as one of the men removes her panties, leaving her bare for all to see. I look closely, just above her shaved pussy is a small black pattern. As I see it so does Lee, he walks to her and looks closer and roars in a deep laugh. “ It says, property of Papa Sweet, I love it Sir,” he says to me. I respond by tipping my hand to him, yet I had no idea she had done that. “Maybe we should make that permanent before you go,” laughing as he returns to her. Now my dear, we are ready to. Ayesha was ready with her third orgasm of the day. Even my dick was ready with thick fluid to spurt out in the first given second. The room was filled with Ayesha’s voice saying, “I am cumming, I am cumming”.”I also cum in her with the never-ending stream. After emptying my sperm I got up from Ayesha and turned to lie next to her. While doing so I got a glimpse of Shabana leaving the main door. I realized that it was Shabana who made Ayesha one horny bitch.We both lay next to each other for. Don't fail or it will go in anyway plus you'll be punished hard. I may punish you anyway." She smiled and went to her brother and jerked the tail from its resting place producing a scream of pain from him which died to a whimper as she pushed the can into his ass getting it all the way in. His sphincter closed over the end hiding it some as he groaned with the full feeling and the cold thickness. Julie picked up the crop and began to lightly lash Becky's ass as she stared at her brother's.

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