As I wait here, I can do nothing but dream of you, my sweet wife, waiting for me so far away in Missouri. I long to see you once again standing outsid... our front door in your long white night shift. The sun rising behind you, your nakedness revealed by its bright rays.I dream of your touch and the smell of lilacs in your hair. The vision of your pearly white breasts and smooth white thighs make my heartbeat quicken. I imagine the taste of your supple nipples and buttery quim on my tongue.. She promised me a return engagement tomorrow, pardon the pun." I'll bet she did. What happened? Did she wear you out?"Francine was a motor mouth from as far back as I knew her. And raunchy. For example:"Schwartz said something about a dress and a corset. I asked if you are flying because Sheila seriously needs to be in the mile high club. Take her in the lavatory and do her against the wall. The position is called the Ballerina, but it's just Splitting Bamboo standing up. You get maximum. I reached down with both hands and I placed both of my hands over his right hand. I manipulated his hand and I pushed his hand further between my legs and then I pushed his finger between my pussy lips. I gyrated my hips slightly, to make sure his finger was coated in my creamy juices, and then I pulled his hand up, and I quickly turned around to face him. I then looked him straight in the eye as I put his finger into my mouth and I sucked on it softly. I started to suck on his finger, the same. Each of my thrusts forces Michelle forward a little bit, causing Carol to moan with the changed sensation. After so much fucking and sucking, Carol’s tension must be at boiling point. She moans and squirms. From my birds eye view I can see her eyes closed and her hands on Michelle’s head, holding her down, forcing Michelle to fuck her with her tongue. I continue slowly thrusting into Michelle from behind, slowly, to help my legs from getting too tired too quickly. Slowly to avoid cuming to.

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