She looked shocked for a bit then broke out laughing."I guess that would be the right way to go about getting a good grade, wouldn't it?" she asked wi...h a chuckle.We had a good chuckle at that then went on to study algebra for a bit. With the one-on-one help, she was able to better understand what we were talking about and could do the work very well by the end of an hour together.By the time we finished, I could feel my stomach rumbling. I hadn't eaten for quite a while and my stomach was. After listening to this she suddenly grabbed me and kissed me on my lips. I was stunned and started kissing back. Our kiss got more passionate and our tounges started to meet and we could taste each other. That was the best kiss I ever had. Varnita was a pro in kissing. While kissing I started fondling with her boobs. It was an open area we couldn’t do much but I opened her bra and pulled her t-shirt till her neck. What I saw was amazing and most beautiful pair I have ever seen. Those boobs. Im sure glad you made it honey. Im sure youll love California. Bev had made spaghetti for supper. They ate and talked about family. After dinner Annette helped clean up. They showed Annette her room and then they went back to the living room. Jerry asked how her trip was and Annette said that nothing much happened but she was worn out and glad to be here. It was getting dark and you could start to see lights coming on between their house and the ocean and the lights on the off shore oil. The gentleman in front of me smiled, “We’ll try to make this as pleasurable a ride as possible, Missy.” I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Scream? Push his hand away? Part of me liked the attention I was getting. Besides, I thought, ‘How far can it possibly go? We’re on a crowded bus!’ I let it go and smiled back. The hand on my bum moved upward, and I heard the zipper of my skirt as it slid with the hand. The hand moved to my thigh and the man behind me whispered, “Oh my! Sussies! You are a bit.

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