” They both faced the large men and curtseyed. “Thank you,” they said in unison, though Summer showed more enthusiasm in her tone. Uriel grabbed...Kyle’s tight shorts and yanked them down, showing his shockingly large member. “Kyle is what we call a bull,” Countess explains as she hands something to Sharon and they too approach the nude maids. “He and Kurt get to use their cocks because they know not to obey them. Summer knows them quite well.” Summer nodded excitedly. Countess towered above the. What’s a girl going to do?’ I no longer cared. I was horny, desperate for physical contact. I’d read too many hot cheap lesbian stories. I didn’t care what happened next. I moved behind her and placed my hand over hers, the other over a breast. I leaned in close to her face. ‘You could let me help you.’ She never resisted as I pressed hard against her hand moving it up and down over her pussy. ‘Yes. … That feels so … good.’ Her mouth was open, her eyes almost closed. ‘Oh Abby … I’ve dreamed. I did not understand who this gift basket was for. She was talking faster and louder and faster, then she threw her hands up in frustration. The next few words that she spoke were curse words I did know that and I laughed. She grabbed my hands once again and looked at me, deep in my eyes. We looked deep into each others eyes and then it happened, the CD changer in my car had started to play a new CD, Digital Underground and the song was The Freaks of The Industry, which was playing loud enough. “Fuck this” she said, as she motioned down from my hands and took off her skirt and bras, I followed by taking off my clothes and socks. She grabbed me by the cock and walked me toward her kitchen counter, "I've always wanted to get fucked on this" she exclaimed.The pounding continues, First on her back, her legs up to my shoulders, the contrast of her white pussy against my black cock is s HAWT! Then I turned her around and took her from behind while leaning on the counter. I smacked her.

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Painful fucking

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