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One afternoon I went into his bedroom to ask him if he could take me shopping the following day when I found him on his computer, he quickly flipped t...e screen hoping I had not seen him looking at porn but he was just too slow and I see naked women, “Mum” he cried out” “What, I needed to talk to you” I replied noticing a rather large bulge in his short, my mind raced of what it might look like hard, “You could have knocked” he replied going a little red, “Sorry sweet heart, I didn’t know you. She caught hold of her emotions and evaluated the situation. Okay; calm down she told herself. My hair was last long and brown, now it is blonde and the cut is long shoulder length.Bridget was sure she would not be recognized as her hair was very different. She would consciously try to keep out of the camera’s eye while cheering at the basketball game making sure her face wasn’t caught in a close up shot on television. The teams were warming up on the court and the cheerleaders took their place. Another morning, another beginning to a new day. As my vision cleared up, I noticed a mass of blond hair on my chest. And another morning that I woke up beside Lizzie, I thought with a smile.Unable to resist myself, I reached up tentatively and ran my fingers through her hair. Although I was careful, she stirred at my touch and rolled her head off me. Sighing, she cuddled against me.I propped myself up with an arm, and studied my sleeping beauty. She was smiling as if in the middle of some nice. The men who came for them this time were experts. They did not drive in. They walked in slowly, in camouflage fatigues, and looked for anything that was out of the ordinary. Two men walked within 15 feet of Sergeant’s position, and never saw him. There were no vehicles in front of Susan’s home. The men were wondered if they had come at a very opportune time. Local birds were chirping, as if nothing was wrong in the area. Sergeant saw two men approaching from the rear of Susan’s house and he.

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