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Graham worked hard in the garden clearing the brambles, digging out the weeds, and laying a new lawn leaving room for flowers and vegetables to be pla...ted at the right time of year. Brenda was happy to not only help but to make quite certain that he had several good looks at her free-swinging tits every time she bent forward. Graham really was a godsend to her in more ways than one. She knew that he watched her putting out the washing and she made quite certain that several pairs of her. Nowof course things were different, my wife wasn't back and it meant I'dhave to wait for her.Meanwhile her mother seemed delighted in telling me all about my wifemeeting with this old friend of hers and how delighted she had been whenhe had invited her for a drink with him. I tried my best to pretend thatit didn't worry me, hiding my blushes and jealous humiliation, but in myheart I could tell she knew what it was doing to me as she told me.She looked around the hallway, inspecting my work,. Jay stood in the doorway and first noticed the TV, playing quite graphic porn. But before he could comment, his eyes gazed to the bed. At the bottom of the bed, the soles of Max's bare feet were chained to the bed. Moving his eyes up he saw Max's now flaccid cock dangling over his balls with a vibrator attached, and a black bulge from the butt plug in his ass.Neither of the boys said anything for almost a minute until Jay broke the silence and said. "Oh. My. What the... Reece! Reece! Come here.. After some time KARISHMA turned back and unzipped my pant and started sucking my cock I pulled her top and started sucking her breast and was fingering MOUNIKA’s pussy from above her panty she cummed in her panty. Now SURAT was 25 kms so we stopped in a side dressed properly MOUNIKA changed her panty and then we left. We directly went to PRIYA’s house (PRIYA was the daughter of our maasi i.e. our moms cousin sister). They were all surprised to see us there.We had huge conversation up to 3:00 am.

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