“Continuer,” she begged as she crushed her mouth to his; he assumed that meant, ‘continue’ since that what it sounded like. He was trying to ...hift his thumb around so he could rub her clit while he continued to work his finger when she screamed into his mouth and her entire body went taut. His cock suddenly went from about half-erect to rock-hard and spewing; he didn’t even have time to enjoy it before they both had strings of his milky-white cum on their chests and stomachs.Finally Fleur. Mike released a full on aggressive fucking, and her body quickly betrayed her mind and began meeting his motions. As Mike's slamming into her slides her slightly across the floor. This now allows me a slightly be view of his cock slamming into her little pussy. She was only taking about half of his cock at the time. But she started to quickly take more and more, as Mike relentlessly pounds into her very wet pussy. They where so wet it sounded like they where fucking in water. His sister yells. By the time we left the restaurant, I was feeling a little left out.It was still light out when we got back to the house. The guys carried the bags into the house, put them where they belonged and then Dad made drinks for my mom, my aunt and himself.Eddie asked Frank if he wanted to go swimming and Frank eagerly agreed. They headed for my brother's room to put their suits on, leaving me sitting alone in the living room. After a couple of minutes, Eddie stuck his head around the corner and asked. "Let's clean the bitch shall we, but first" Jerry left the sentence incomplete and pulled out a black collar from the bag. He strapped it around her neck "Now you will know the meaning of being a bitch my slut". He laughed and groped her breasts roughly. "FUCK U JERRY" Pam screamed while thrashing wildly.Mona came in and slapped Pam across her face “Oh you will be fucking soon bitch". As they loosened the ropes Pam fell to the floor hearing the words "YOU ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE CUNT".Jerry.

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