Their beauty was renowned in Sparta and they always attracted unmated Alpha wolves, Tarifa especially. All of these males were falling over themselves...for a chance to feel the female auras of Tarifa, or the much more sedate aura of Aihola announcing they were available. To the surprise of many, this never came about. Though Tarifa was completely wolf now, and Aihola half wolf, neither of them had even batted an eye at any male that attempted to court them. One of the wiser Alphas remarked how. ’ Vivienne waited then for the reaction that would mean everything for her self, and for the future, while she listened to the hurried thumps of her heart in her chest, and felt the edge of the vertigo in her solar plexus that could mean the plunge into disaster or a soaring into delight. ‘I love you, Vi,’ Sarah whispered softly looking up into Vi’s face. She lifted her hand and touched Vi’s lips and then covered them with her own. There was more than passion in the caress, there was. When he opened it a smile came to his lips, an amulet! As he put it on he thought, 'Oh this is just too funny! I wish I knew who sent this!' Stunned beyond all belief, Eric sat down putting his head in his hands. He just realized that he was a fictional character in one of Anne-Mal's stories. Even worse than that vile and disgusting fate was the fact that he knew she never finished her stories. This nightmare could go on for a long time!The end************Too Real To MeBy Anne-Mal "Oh this. The child of an alcoholic bulldozer operator and a mother who was simply alcoholic, Brian had navigated life cringing. He still feared a hard slap to the head, a belt across his back, or endless profanities screamed at deafening levels at all times of the day and night.The cold, hard life had changed Brian from a curious and gifted student into a closed off, angry young man, unable to bridge the gap between himself, his classmates, and neighbors. Shunned by his teachers and feared by his peers,.

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