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After that we did not see each other. Until....End of back story.Fast forward to about three years ago. I had a problem with my left knee. Part of the...treatment was a cortisone shot. The day after the injection my knee and leg felt like it was on fire from the inside out. Nothing I could do would stop the pain. I called the specialist and he set up an ultra sound at one of the local hospitals because he was concerned it was a blood clot. It was for the day after.The day came for the. I will get straight to the story, heroine of the story is wife of the uncle. All of us got a seat in general compartment and since many people who are dirty, uncle sat at the edge, beside him his daughter and aunty right side to me and me at the window seat and a bag between us. As our journey started we all chatted with each other getting to know about ourselves and at next stop a couple with newly born baby came and they tied a swing with a saree and people sitting opposite to us cannot see. "Oh, my God," screamed Kyla as she caught sight of him and tried to cover herselfup."No, Kyla, it's too late," shouted Jodi. "He's going to take you and I'm going to helphim. Come on, Shawn, she's ready for you," she snorted.He lumbered over to the bed and walked around to where Kyla was and let her looklong and hard at his jerking weapon. She was trembling all over and her tits jumpedup and down and smacked against her chest."You can't. I won't let you. Both of you are mad," cried Kyla,. Why have you disobeyed my orders?’ ‘Captain we simply need to know what is taking place. Is that really a pirate vessel? Why are we not defending ourselves? Why are you not firing back at them.’ ‘Madam, that vessel is indeed a Barbary pirate. Do you see those flags on the other ship. They are signals. The message tells us to heave to and we shall not be harmed. The pirates wish to inspect our cargo but promise to leave all on board unharmed and free to go,’ the mariner replied. ‘But Captain, if.

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