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She threw one leg across him and started to grind her pussy against his cock.A throaty growl escaped her lips as her clit rubbed back and forth along ...he bottom of his cock."What do you want me to do?" she asked."I want to make love to you," he whispered."You can do that later," Shelley said. "What do you want me to do?"A moment of indecision flashed across his face. "I want you to ride me."Before taking him inside her, Shelley maneuvered him to the middle of the bed then straddled him. They were stroking across my cock and one grabbed my balls and lightly held them cupped."If you girls don't mind, my boyfriend and I have some things to do here for the next couple of hours. You will get your chance's later."They all left Teresa and I on the bed. Teresa was like a lioness. She pulled me up onto the bed and laid me back. Her hands and lips were all over me kissing and fondling wherever they might touch.Soon she had my hard cock in her mouth and was lovingly giving me a great. Tonight she just wanted to sleep. I lay there watching her, feeling amazed that what began as a vague thought some years back had built to this point and would, barring a change of heart on anyone's part, before long become reality. And I'd have it on film. So, a couple of weeks later, there we were, sitting in a semi-dark cafe, me with a mocha and her sipping an iced tea with an ungodly amount of sugar in it. It's one of her funny little quirks; she puts so much sugar in things and finds it. This gave me an immediate hard on, and she looked down, then smiled and me and moved her hand to my cock and continued stroking.There was little talking, but she asked my brother if he was interesting in hanging out with us for a while. At first he seemed not to know how to answer, so I told her that I was sure he would be up for whatever she wanted to do.When we reached my place, I took her hand and lead her to the door while my brother locked the car. I left the front door open, and I.

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Licking Babe

Licking Babe

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