A little irritably, the woman continued, "I am the Princess Ayda formerly Mrs. The Honourable Diana Featherstone, née The Honourable Diana Sturgess, ...ife to His Magnificence the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever. You may call me Diana; everyone else does. Has my husband given you a name yet?" I-I'm Samantha, Your Majesty," and absurdly she tried to curtsey, naked."I said, call me Diana. Did my husband name you Samantha?" No ... Diana, my mother did that." He may well change your name.. They are family friends and Cicely is an AAA milf! I love her. She is southern Irish and had that lovely combination of dark hair and lovely green eyes. She has a lovely body that makes me drool! Working in a chippy makes your clothes smell thus Cicely uses the launderette regularly. To see her bending down filling a machine is a very erectile experience. I still remember with a smile the time when the shop was full and Cicely stood being served in the only exit point from behind the counter.. Lisa realized this fact and began to take advantage of it. She had Sharon's blouse open almost instantly, and set about slapping, pinching and clawing at Sharon's big natural tits. She then spun around on Sharon's belly and began pulling the short skirt off. Her final goal was to completely strip and humiliate the woman.Spinning around had been a mistake. With her back to Sharon's face, she had presented the woman with the perfect tool for getting the upper hand. Sharon reached up, got a good. She let go of the handle as blood sprayed everywhere from the severed carotid artery, and he fell to the floor, his limbs twitching in his death agony, his life's blood pumping out on to the harem floorAfter he had been still for a minute or so she knelt and closed his eyes. Slipping her bloodstained silk gown off and dropping it beside the body, she slid into the pool and washed the blood from her body and hair. Rising from the pool she took up a towel and dried herself. Throughout this.

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