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I was pretty sure I wasn't nuts, although it's unlikely that many crazy people really believe they're crazy. Everything in my life seemed to be comple...ely normal except for the fact that I'd just had a conversation with a dead person.Ultimately, I decided that sitting around the house brooding would avail me nothing, and I may as well go to work and try to get my mind focused on something else, something real! I'd make up some excuse about my illness being nothing more than a bout of nausea. The classes with Justin and Kim were frustrating and awe-inspiring, particularly to me.I determined that I still had a few old prejudices to let go of, concerning magicians and wizards. The first time I managed to rearrange a rock into its core elements was mind-blowing. I think I sat there looking at the little piles for ten minutes, in disbelief that I had actually done this. I shivered at the thought of what the wrong sort of person who learned this skill could do with it. Kim came and sat. Kelly told me all about what was happening. I learned a valuable lesson. Never attempt to negotiate with a woman who can listen inside your head. You don’t have a chance. At ten minutes to eleven they walked out of the restaurant carrying breakfast for Kelly and me. Jethro was happy. Sammi said that next time we were to meet up they would continue the conversation and she asked if then she could take a look inside his sleeper. He was so happy he paid for the breakfasts, even Kelly’s and mine.. .." She led Donna out the room, as she left, Chrissy turned around and whispered to me,"You better had made her fantasy come true this whole time, if I find out you've disappointed her, you're gonna be sorry!" She warned quietly."I'm sure I've done a good job, Mistress." I hopefully replied.Chrissy followed Donna out the room, and took her upstairs, to have a chat.I waiting nervously in the living room to hear how well I've done at being Donna's Master for the day, and finally after what seemed.

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