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Overall, he had a slightly soft appearance to him.“If they want someone large and manly,” Robert thought to himself. “I’ve got it hacked.”It...was silent in the room for several minutes. Robert stood impassively looking at himself in the mirror. “I wonder what I will look like?” he thought to himself. He was mentally calculating how much exercise– and steroids– it was going to take to regain his heavily-muscled body.“Number two,” the guard said, “you may go. Prisoner number four, you may return. Out she stretched into the ether, all sixty-six inches of her, until her limbs were as taught as a bosque Cottonwood. Ah. There. Footing, blind it was, but footing. Now all she had to do was circumnavigate this thing by slithering around its base. Not hard, but ouuuuu, the breccia gouged and pinched and scratched at her tits like a sadistic lover. She was happy her breasts weren't all that big: The way they were compressed, a couple of springy boobs would uncoil and sproing her right into. .. I’m eating mother’s cunt! See, watch!”Peggy plunged her tongue into her mother’s juicy pussy, darting it back and forth. She lapped the juices into her mouth, trying hard to please her brothers. But Robert kept spanking her naked ass with the leather belt.“Make her come, you shitty bitch!” Tommy demanded, squatting down and pinching his sister’s tits brutally. “Make her pussy cunt come! Suck that cunt, you little cock-sucker, and you better suck it good!”The more frantically her daughter. I think they both think gettin’ together’s not ‘business like’ or somethin’. Fuck that. Life’s too short.’ Joan rarely swore, but surrounded by users of blue language, and way out in the woods, she loosened up. The annual three day retreat was her favorite time of the year. At fifty-five years old, with an abusive, alcoholic husband at home, she reveled in every minute spent in the bucolic woods. Fishing, drinking, swearing, flirting with the men…it was three days of heaven for her. ‘There’s a.

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