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E. a kinda shirt. It was sleeveless and was very tight. Her boobs were also like mam K. and I started to open the front buttons. She was wearing a whi...e bra and white panty. She had shaven armpits and shaven pussy too. I opened her bra and then was stopped by Mam K, and she ordered me to open Miss L..’s panty using my teethes. I was not sure of that as she also was having a huge ass. Anyway I sat in the ground and then put my mouth over her panty strings but was not able to do.So Miss L.. asked. “Wow,” Barb said. “Wanna trade dates?” The girls all laughed.“Yeah,” Rhonda added. “So what’s the problem?”“He’s not pressuring you to go further, is he?” Heather asked.“No, not that at all! If anything, he’s…” Sally sighed. “He’s afraid he took advantage of me or something.”“That’s so sweet!” Debby replied. “A gentleman, finally!”“So…” Barb leaned in, “The problem is you WANT him to take advantage?”“NO!” Sal exclaimed. “Well, not exactly, I just… I just want to return the favor, y’know?” The. When he came out he told me that I was going to be dressing as a girlevery chance I got. He told my mother to go buy me new girls clothes.Enough to make sure that when I got home from school, on the weekends andthe whole summer, I'd be dressed as a girl. He said to go the mall in thenext town over so no one would know us.He said "Make sure to get Bobbie everything a 12 year old girl wouldhave. Including clothes for sleeping and underwear, also shoes, sneakers,sandals, heels, everything."My. Lots more cumming soon!So, Saturday night was fun to say the least. I delayed going over to the party due to the fact I didn't want to get too drunk too early. I figured the rest of the guys would be really buzzed or too drunk and start to leave. Boy, was I right.I was just about to head out back and hop the fence to make my entrance when I heard a some girls giggling. I poked my head out back and I saw Tanya, Beth's friend hung up on my fence. She had most of her body on my side but one of her.

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