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.Wow!! that was the first time I am seeing a cock right in front of me ..It was a good 7inches long..I slowly started licking his tip and then suck it..I slowly and steadily started to increase the speed ..He was really enjoying it and he was moaning like hell,, which made me go even faster..He told me that he was about to cum..I didn’t bother and drank every bit of his cum..Then he made me lie on the bed and spread my legs..He removed my shorts and started to kiss gently on the. "Catherine's pussy screamed with joy under her short skirt. She was a special client!Her nipples felt like they might explode through her top as she leaned over Tasha's desk to sign a release form, stating that she had willingly agreed to view Pierce West's paintings. And then she was led into a darkened room, the lights so low that she could barely see her heels clicking down below on the hardwood floor."Sit here," Tasha soothed, guiding her to some sort of oval divan. "We have three of these. She sat on my lap, grabbed by cock and shoved it in her throbbing wet pussy. She worked her hips back and forth until I could feel my cock start to load up; I let my cum out deep into her pussy. Linda continued to gyrate her hips until I was completely empty. We all sat on the sofa exhausted and enjoyed the rest of the evening as the fire began to fizzle out.The next morning, as we were having breakfast, Linda turned to me and said, “So Tony, have you ever had sex with a man?”I said, “No.”She. It’s fucking huge! My cunt is so tight I think it’s going to rip apart! I love this, I love fucking! How long before you think I can take all of it?”“Not long baby, we’ll work on it and have you stretched in no time!”I gave Bec a deep kiss. “You are one hot, little sex-bomb s*s! That was unbelievable, I thought I was going to blow my wad just watching you! I cannot wait until I can starting pumping loads into your fuck-holes, it’ll be so fucking hot!”Mom gave her a kiss as well, and the way Bec.

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VID 20180308 004727

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