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All the women were breathing heavily and covered in sweat and juices. The two mothers pulled away from the young couple. Sandra and Leila kissed and c...ddled after their earth-shaking orgasm. They whispered things to each other which the mothers couldn’t hear but it probably had to do with Sandra’s squirting. The two mothers looked at their daughters then at each other. Concentrating more on their daughters’ pleasure, neither of them had managed to reach a climax and that made them particularly. So I kept on telling her that, please don’t tell anyone about what happened, and she smiled and said,”Okay but you need to show this to your parents and get yourself operated”. I was very confused when she said I had to get operated. And asked her as to why is she saying that I need to get a surgery done. She said to ask the doctor, he will explain it better.To which I got a shock of my life, I was so restless that every day I kept asking her, as to why would I need to get a surgery done, but. When I was done we both walked out of the room being ready to go, I was in front she was behind me. She slapped my ass (for fun) saying that I looked hot. As I walked out I imagined you slapped it, another warm feeling came over me. Again my nipples got hard and I felt them almost stick out of my dress.We had some drinks together and went out to the town for some drinks in a club. We had a lot of fun did a lot of dancing. As the end of the night was coming closer and closer I kept thinking. In my profession we do come across sexual painting, murals, sculptures in temples and other monuments and same happened in this trip also.It had been nearly two weeks and I was on the verge of completing my assignment. I had also booked my return tickets to Delhi for the coming Sunday. Only one temple had been left to see in the deep jungles of Brahamgiri Hills. Arjun and I had made the plan to visit the temple the next morning. It was a 5-6 hours drive from Bangalore. So, we decided to start.

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