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Without even tying or handcuffing Karen, she began to assault the girl's beautiful breasts. She sat on Karen's stomach, bunching Karen's breasts up in...her fists, squeezing them mercilessly, and then sank her teeth into one bulging black nipple."Aoownngggg! Owwwnncchh! Oh shit!" Karen cried out, tears coming to her eyes.Laura bit the other delicious, protruding nipple and got the same response."Oh god... oh god!" Karen wept. "Oh shit... it hurts!" 'You done axed me to hurt you, Miss Karen',". It was that kind of a night, and I had just barely sat down. The adrenaline dump from the proximity of her presence was quite intoxicating. My nostrils unconsciously flared; my rising sexuality and the energy of sex became very tangible. Although Minh was not a “pro”, meaning she was still somewhat new to the business, she had been with enough men to recognize the primal signs of a male in a heightened state of arousal. Without missing a beat she reached out and placed a hand on my thigh, and,. Cindy moved back to put her arm around Judy – to some, this could look as if she was somehow comforting Judy, but I think it was more of a feminine, “we’ll-do-this-together” kind of thing. (Besides, Judy was about to receive more “comfort” than she could stand). Joe’s cock is a full inch longer and thicker than mine and Judy had already felt my stretch after 2 years of only her dancing fingers and a slim vibe. Her anticipation for the full length and girth of Joe's cock must have been. Her flesh spasmed about me. Every thrust built the pressure in my balls. The friction of her slick bowels gripped my dick.“Pater's cock!” I groaned, slamming my shaft into her bowels. “Yes!”“Sven!” Ava moaned, my cum firing into her bowels. “Oh, I missed this. I love you!”I only groaned, my cock unloading into her bowels. Cum pulsed out of me, flooding her. I gripped her hips, grunting, panting. Stars burst before my eyes. My entire body convulsed with each eruption of jizz.My sister whimpered.

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