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This time he came in my pussy. While Cuming deep inside he chewed my boobs so hard that it made the marks of his tooth on them. Also the place around ...y pussy had become red, which we saw on the next day. Then we cleaned our self and went to bed hugging each other with that wet body only.Surprising thing is that when we were fucking neither me nor my brother felt much pain as we were drunk. But on the next day I had an abdominal pain and even his dick pained more than it did on the next day of. Liquor was not conducive to good relations with a woman, despite what many people have stated to the contrary. He walked up to the bar, yanked out a stool and ordered from the bartender. He had four drinks before leaving and, as he walked towards Cindy's place, he wondered why he had drunk the stuff. The answer came to him as he approached the house. Rose, he saw, was at the rear of the place feeding the big male Great Dane. At any rate, she was in the act of shoving a dish under a door of the. Tum nahi jaa rahe kya?”Me- “nhi”Me-“movie jaane ki soch raha hu, tum chalogoi kya “Payal-“acha 5 minute mein batati hu”Me- “ok”Payal- “chalo chaltey hai, par kha jayenge”Me-“cinepolis chaltey hai , begumjaan dekhtey hai”Payal-“ok parking mein milo”Me-“ok boss”Me parking mein gya and apni car mein payal ko bityhaya aur cinepolis chala gya. Maine jaan kar gold class li kyunki vo sofa set hoti hai yay u kahu ki mini bed and blanket b milta haiPayal ek baar ko surprise ho gayi seats dekh kar par. .. (kiss)" Will you shutup and kiss me!" She exclaimed trying to shove her tounge down my throat. Eventually I gave in and she slid her tounge in my mouth after locking lips, desperately trying to tackle my tounge in the process. I had tried to hold back my erection but my cock sprung into action, poking her stomach. She took my hand and placed it on top of her breast that lays there under the robe. She pushed me back against the wall as i asked "What if we get caught?" We wont, lock the door.

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