I went to bed and sat on her left. I caught her book and pulled it but she was hiding her face under it. I pulled it and put it aside and by now I had...put my left leg between her two legs. She was wearing a pajama and a shirt the material of the clothes was very silky. My left hand reached her left breast above the clothes and my right hand went below her neck to raise her head and I locked my lips with her. This time my tongue went to part her lips to take a lead in her mouth and she responded. Besides, most of them know your daddy, they have fucked him at one time or another.”The idea of fucking these older women got me so aroused that I began to go at it with Jane. I sucked and pinched her tits, then went down and grabbed her clit with mouth and sucked it into my mouth until she came with a massive groan. “Damn, that was fantastic Ryan—put a fucking rubber on that cock and ram it in my aching cunt.”I obliged and we fucked like crazy, shaking the bed all over the floor until I. ” His voice sounded like something out of a dream, a dream she didn’t want to wake up from. Kristina raised her head gingerly off the desk, pure bliss coursing through her afterglow. Her skin felt tingly, and she was content if not somewhat intoxicated by the evening's events. Rising up and seeing the lustful look in his eyes stoked her passions once again. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him, her legs spread, her bare cunt rubbing up against the hardness in his pants. She. Don’t you dare cum before the time runs out.” she said smirking.“Fine. I accept your challenge” I declared.She whipped out my throbbing cock and pressed that improvised fleshlight against it. She started to stroke my dick hard with it. However, the dough was too soft to withstand that motion. It crumbled against my dick in just a few strokes. “I just broke your little toy, sis. Do I get to fuck your pussy now?” “Not so fast. You have just torn my hymen again. The real fun begins now”. The next.

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