"Some," she said. Twenty-three dollars and some change." Alright, come on." I took her hand and headed toward the door."Where are we going?" she I pulled the door open."Shopping." When we reached the front door of her building I put up the umbrella I'd brought and led her to the side of the nearby road, to the place where the campus shuttle busses stopped. There was a plexiglas shelter there, which was enclosed on three sides and had a roof and a bench. We went inside; fortunately the. .. uh no, come tell me everything," Amy said feeling her panties beginning to soak through to her shorts."Okay, but I warned you. Here's the part you won't believe-I pushed Bradley back until he was out of my pussy and I turned over onto my knees. Then, like some slut in a porno movie, I reached back and spread my ass cheeks."Amy gasped."Bradley gasped like you just did. I could feel Reggie's cum bubbling out of my ass and running across my pussy. I can imagine what he saw; my little hole must. "Over there by the kitchen" you say. As he walks past you, you notice his tight bubble butt flexing in the tight shorts.Looking over his shoulder he bends down to get a pen that has fallen off the floor, and stands there for a second giving you an even better view."Hope I wasn't interrupting something," he says as he is staring at your manhood.No. You stammer as you notice he is starting a boner of his own."Mmm, its so hot out, I wish I could just run around naked today." he says as his hand. I couldn't use my hands since they were secured so I moved my mouth up and down on his dick. It didn't take long before he started to get really big and the bigger the harder I continued to suck. Meanwhile, Ginger moved back behind me and started to fuck with the strap-on cock again. She was there long before she said, "OK, it's your turn."I looked up from sucking Spike and noticed that Tar had a huge hard-on. Much bigger than the cock that Ginger had been fucking me with. "He's too big", I.

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Sharing a dirty lil sub

Sharing a dirty lil sub

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