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...her ...gay ...friend, her bestie, you could say we re in a marriage of convenience, thats not really gunna fly...sooo tell me ..what else you got?�...�I collected myself and calmly walked right up to him” I guess that would leave me with negotiation..( I smiled) just what would it take to get me in that car?”“ What do you mean?”“Well.....(I gave my best devilish grin) my hair isnt long enough to pull anymore.”he gave me a smile “ Just what would you be willing to do” “ Well your always saying I. She asked me to wear the condom…. i didn’t knew how so she did…. then she sucked it and made it wet and now was my role to fuck her but I couldn’t manage so she told me to lie down and she will b riding me…. I was very relaxed she started and within seconds I exploded … I felt ashamed as in the movies we used watch guys used to fuck for hours… so she said relax as it was my first time and I was in pain too….Then she told me due to vigra my dick will rise back again in seconds till then she told. The table and the food had been removed, the Sultan reclining on a low ottoman with the Sultana at his side, her right hand delving into his silk pants, casually caressing his genitals. Squatting at his feet, legs tucked beneath them, were three maidens in silver masks, displaying naked breasts, each maiden holding a golden goblet. At the Sultan’s left shoulder stood Jake, tall and proud, naked from the waist up apart from a fancy neck-band and turban. He wore baggy silk pants fastened round. "We would never, ever laugh at you. You're our reallygood friend --- but seeing if Cathy is right sounds like fun. RubberTwist is boring."I nodded. Rubber Twist had been a lot more fun two summers back when weplayed it every day for hours."My parents aren't at home," Barbara added. "Why not give it a try?"Cathy pleaded with me with those doe eyes she used when she wanted topick the movie we would go to. "Please, Martin, just for fun. Nobody willknow; and we won't tell anybody." Do it," Monica.

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