I thought for sure something was wrong."I have something to ask you. You have to be honest as possible," said Kim."What is it? I told you I would neve... lie to you." Do you love me? I mean really, really love me?"Without a hesitation I replied. "Kimmy, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. You are my life, you're my reason for living. Why are you asking me this?" I want you to make love to me. I don't want sex, I don't want to just get. What are you thinking? These are groceries I just picked up.’ ‘You stopped for groceries after telling me to wait…Aaaargh!!’ ‘Oh, hush. Come on. The ice cream’ll melt.’ ‘Yes, Mistress!’ ‘Stop that!’ Between the two of us, we carried about a dozen plastic bags of groceries down into her basement apartment. She told me to sit and relax while she put everything away so I plopped down on the big blue couch in the living room. Immediately, I was greeted by Stevie and Lindsey, Hayley’s two. I went ahead because one minuteit disgusted me and the next I had a steamingerection at the prospect. I drank probably a bit toomuch before we met. I took a Viagra, something I hadnever needed before and when we all came back fromthe pub, the session went exactly as it had the timebefore right up to Debbie getting fucked royally byDan.This time, halfway through fucking and with merelaxing and watching while wanking my cock, he toldme to lubricate and fuck him. The sensation ofsticking my. I had come from a long line of boys and it felt somewhat emasculating toonly be capable of fathering daughters but don't get me wrong I lovedour little girls. I was a very protective Dad and I forbade them towear skirts to school as I did not want men looking at themedsexualising them."You have plenty of time for boyfriends when you finish school. I wantyou girls to get a good education and not have it terminated by somedumb boy getting you pregnant. You are to dress like me when you go.

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Desi suck

Desi suck

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Licking bf’s ass

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