"She went out to get some supplies for you." I said calmly."Oh yeah! When is she coming back?"We heard the key turning in the front door."I think she ...s back" I said."Well you stay with me little boy. I wanna see who the bitch brought back." he snarled grabbing my arm.In a few seconds my mother walked into the room. She was carrying two large bags of groceries and jumped when she saw the man still on the bed holding his arm around my throat, his knife pressed against my face."Oh my God!" she. We started talking. I was spreading my legs and flashing him up my skirt. I also bent down once in a while to show my boobs and tease him. He was noticeably upset and I could see him trying to hide his hard-on.I finally decided to take it one step ahead and got up. I walked up to him, held his tie, and pulled his collar. “You know what we should do?” I asked.“Umm, maybe celebrate today’s deal in a novel way?” he replied.“Well, I am the boss outside as well as inside. Do you get it” I pulled his. Jerry was in no hurry. He watched while his anger came to a boil, and then just as Findley climbed on top of Laura and sent his long hard pecker up into her waiting pussy, he let out a cry that was that of a madman. He dived for the bed in one mighty lunge, grabbed the underside of it and heaved it upward. Laura and Findley toppled to the floor on the far side, with the bed, mattress and covers spilling on top of them. Laura's screams of fright mingled with Findley's cries of shock and near. Her body trembled. Jen heard Kate cry out and started to open the door but then stopped in her tracks seeing the scene in front of her. She saw her boss lying on the desk, her legs over Mr. Walker’s shoulders and Mr. Walker’s erect cock pointing towards Kate’s exposed pussy. Jen was entranced watching Mr. Walker’s glistening shaft bobbing up and down, and she felt flush.Daddy noticed the door being opened a crack and it turned him on even more knowing they had an audience.“Please, Daddy, if you.

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