So I was very excited. Usne mere belt khola. Phir mere pants ka button khol ke pants aur underwear dono niche khiska diye.Wo mere lund ko sahlane lagi... jo already pura tight ho chuka tha aur 7inch lamba hai. Aab main aur bhi excited ho raha tha, lekin sath me thoda darr bhi tha ki koi aa na jaye bathroom ke paas.Maine usko western toilet ki seat pe baithaya aur apna lund uske muh ke paas le gaya. Wo mujhe dekhi aur uske chehre se lag raha tha ki wo chusna nhi chahti. Main uske samne khada tha. Finally my new Master found his mark and fucked me harder and faster than any machine could have. I felt his cock grow longer, wider and harder until the tip pushed against the narrow opening of my cervix. This was actually quite painful but in a thoroughly exciting way. I began orgasming again. My cunt muscles clutching Buster’s cock. Finally I felt his hot doggy cum shoot inside me and his knot swell. I was stretched more than I had expected. More than I had been giving birth. It hurt, it. His fat dick was in her ass. Her feet were planted on his knees and when she came she squirted and it hit high on the wall across the room. If the wall hadn't been there she estimated it would have landed eleven feet away. From her to the wall was about nine feet ten inches. She figured it would have hit at least one foot two inches more if unobstructed. Go figure.As Annette put the screws to Emerill his spirit started to wear down. Eventually he came to Annette and said he couldn't do it any. We were parked in a very secluded area, so far from civilization that there were no street lights, only stars and trees. The door opened and the stranger said sternly 'step out of the car.' Slowly I exited the car, the door was shut, I was pulled to the rear of the car, the stranger embraced me and violently tried to kiss me. I reared back and put up my hands, to this the stranger snatched them away and captured them in a vise like grip. Threateningly he said 'don't let me hurt you, either.

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Hot figure babe

Hot figure babe

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