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A little bit of pink testicle is peeping out from under the loosely-fitting knicker leg, promising me exciting things to come. I would lean over you, ...aress that huge lump through your undies and feel it jump in expectation at the touch of my hand. With one final move I would latch my fingers around the waistband of that one remaining garment and pull firmly downwards. I would feel the resistance as your huge member was forced downwards by the lowering waistband, but then suddenly it would. He told to the guy who was driving (Guy #5) that lets drive till next turn and move to the field behind the bushes and park there. I can’t wait anymore. They all pushed me back in the car and went ahead. They kept me on their lap on my belly so that the ass is visible. The main guy kept hitting my ass cheeks. I was shouting and asked him to stop. But that spurred him even more. #5 turned to the side and stopped the car and they all got outside.They dragged me outside behind the bush. Guy #2. Her pussy was in constant motion, gripping and releasing me, sliding up and down and around my pole of its own volition. Simone put her all into me, sexing me with the stature of a queen granting me the privilege of a king. I felt her tremble against me and heard a shocking whisper. ‘I love you,’ she said, and gripped me very tightly and started bucking her hips faster into me. I looked down at her angelic face, her eyes staring up at me, saw her parted lips, heard her broken breath and felt. My hands cupped them and I began massaging those beautiful breasts. I could hear her moan gently. I placed my lips around her nipple and began sucking it. With my hands cupping and massaging her breasts, I sucked a part of her breast inside my mouth. My tongue flicking her nipple. She was moaning loudly now.I stood up and untied her from the pole, but kept her wrists tied together. I stepped back a bit to view her. What a sight, her breasts popped out of her bra and her panties showing a big.

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