Their sour apple pie was as good as any I ever had.After supper Jean left Sarah to clean up since it was her turn and walked with me to the stable whe...e I planned to spend the night."What happened to the men that you brought back with us, back to camp?" she asked, looking puzzled."They died, three were killed trying to get away and the big captain, he shot himself after writing those drafts for you two."How come he did that?" He was afraid," I said, getting down my bed roll and checking my. Susan pushed her cock down his hungry mouth. She fucked his mouth while patting his head. He made all the sucking noises while she used his mouth.Susan removed her bra that he was wearing and pulled and pinched his nipples. He was hard and erect and very turned on by what his wife was doing to him.“Does the bad boy want his ass-fucking now?”“Yes. Please fuck my ass! I was a bad boy while you were out. Please fuck my ass with your big dick.”“Assume the position! Put your dirty ass up high on the. .” He left it hanging and all that filled my mind was thoughts of what we could do if Cassie was away for the night. I was positively exploding with excitement when I caught Adam’s wink. “Well, yeah maybe,” Cass smiled half-heartedly. Strange, I thought she’d have loved that idea. I know I did and I could feel my heart drop when she said that. “Hey, I’m not trying to force you or anything!” Adam protested seeing her indecisiveness. “I just thought you might want to go and stop with her but. " Like I uz a telling you, I uz building traps down in em woods there, round ta creek uz ta best place. Nem bobcats come down ta drink, then bed up in nem thickets of briars. Best place ta put a trap, but best place fer a still as well." I had mah corn laid by an ta garden uz hoed, I slipped off down to ta woods and started on another trap. Bout an hour or so, I run outta nails so I started back to ta house, stopped on ta way where I hid my sippin bottle from Mary, an had a nip." I come walkin.

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