As my fingers scratch along where the strap for my bikini lies. I find my eyes lingering along your neck as I do, and brush my arm against my breasts....I softly moan inside my head as I feel them responding, nipples now starting to poke out. I let my fingertips trail down the strap and over the swell of my breast as if I am not paying attention as I examine the board. I can sense your eyes locked on me as I reach forward and move my knight back, away from your queen.You are definitely looking. He took a deep breath and spoke."Yes Sir?" Unable to maintain his composure he blurted "Is this about Bridget? Is she alright?" More than 'alright' I would say."Mike's mouth literally fell open as Director Dale informed him of Bridget's sudden visit in the middle of the day and the miraculous event that had returned her to humanity."She's on her way down there right now." Did Mike imagine it or was there a bit of a wistful note in the man's voice. "I hope your feelings are as strong for her as. "Fun doesn't even begin to describe it," Janet panted as she tried to catch her breath. "Do you want to try it?" Sure," Cindy said, touching the base of the dildo as Sue took her hand away to make room for her. She could feel the vibrator pulsing when she touched it and she turned it off when she found the switch. Janet groaned as Cindy pulled the fake cock out of her cunt and licked her lips as she saw her sister's juices dripping off the plastic tip."Yum," Cindy said, smacking her lips before. . lighter... yes," Jill silently breathed as I found her rhythm. Her hand reached and held the inside of my thigh, her forearm lightly touching my shaft. I kept up with my fingers as Jill moved, lying down on the couch. "I need you in me to come," she said, lying on her side. I sat up and lifted one of Jill's toned legs, my cock finding its way to her opening. "Remember," she said, "no coming." I just nodded and slowly rubbed my head back and forth to pick up some of her wetness. I slowly.

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