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My mind told me not to talk about this, because I felt my body react to this talk. My nipples were standing straight out and my pussy was already soak...d from watching him cum.I stood facing the kitchen counter and worked on making some sandwiches.Suddenly, I felt Jake behind me. He hugged me from behind and said he was happy that I did not overreact when I saw him. I felt him pressing his crotch into my ass as he asked if I liked what I saw?I felt his hand on my tummy and then move down under. A wave of love and longing washed through me, through my heart and to the depths of my very soul. God, how I loved and desired this woman – my mother.All of the sudden the moths of pent up passion and lust struck both of us simultaneously, our lips swirled together, tongues searching, probing as we kissed each other. My hands reached around my mother and I clasped her to me as I kissed her. I stroked her back, her neck, the sides of her face, her soft hair as I made love to her mouth with. “Self-preservation, for one thing.”“What do you mean?”“I’m so turned on to be with you that once inside you, I’d probably cum in four or five strokes. I don’t want our first time to end that fast. We could make love a thousand times, but only have our first time, once. I want to make it perfect for you, for us.”“Just about everything is perfect about you Dan,” she smiled.“Mmm, that feels so fucking good! I haven’t had my tits felt like that by a man in a long time,” she moaned, showing her. .Naive I know.Anyway this is a story about when me and Tim went out for the evening, Robyn stayed in to catch up on all her favourite soaps, as Tim lived out of town he would be staying in our spare bed which was a normal occurrence, so we said our good byes to Robyn and headed out the door jumped in a cab and went to the nearest boozer, we had a really good night knocking back the pints recommencing about old times, we went back along way both being the same age we had met at school and been.

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