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My naked penis reared and jerked as she did so, longing in vain for the clasp of her hand around the shaft. My knees almost gave way but I knew that I...must hold still."They always produce more when they are masturbated like this." Julie commented idly as the women talked, otherwise occupied, "Ah, look, yes. There we are."The insistent pulsing grip on my testes had done the trick. My balls were full of course, permission to orgasm was infrequent. My cock reared, passed the point of no return and. Maine kaha bhukh to lagi hai fir hum dono ek restaurant me breakfast ke liye baith gaye, fir maine dekha ki wo to ek bar tha, maine chachu se kaha ki ye to bar hai to chachu ne kaha sorry dhyan nahi diya chalo kisi aur restaurant me chalte hain, fir hum dono dusre restaurant me chale gaye aur humne breakfast kiya, fir unhone apne dost ko phone kiya unke dost ne kaha ki Bombay se unke boss aane wale hain unke aane ke baad interview hoga, to chachu ne mujhse kaha ki jab tak unke dost ke boss aaye. ... The next morning I woke up as usual and got the coffee started.Aunt Joan usually is right behind me and I heard her bedroom door open just after I finished pissing and was coming out of the bathroom.She ducked into the bathroom next and had her morning piss as well.Usually she watches TV in the livingroom and has coffee while I read the paper in the den.I poured us both a cup and retreated to the den and lo and behold. One night while we were playing online things got slow so we started looking at sex toys. One we saw was a squirting dildo. Something new to us after reading about it and finding a few recipes for cum to put in it we found one that Sara thought would be very tasty. Mainly it was yogurt with a little water you could use any flavor, sweet or not. That night we had a very hot conversation about the possibilities. The one Sara liked most was for me to use i on her and make it squirt inside her.

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