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" So this is... ?" A portable healer. And before you even ask. No, I didn't steal it. It's assigned to me, permanently." How in the hell did you get ship back through the portal? The aperture isn't large enough to get something a hundredth that size through it?"Jeff managed a grin. "You know something about the healer, the portal, and even the ship, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're cleared to know everything that I do, or that I'm cleared to know everything you do. When the. ?What the hell are you doing?? she yelled at the officer, ?he raped me!??We understand, ma?am,? they replied in infuriatingly calm voices, ?but after seeing the condition of his body, we have to take precautions. Please put your hands up so we can check you for weapons.??Oh for god?s sake,? she mumbled, while raising her hands.She was quickly patted down by two male police officers who determined that she had no weapons.They then proceeded to pull her hands behind her back and cuff. ?What’s in there?? ?Some of your coworkers. Come on.? The Madame disappeared into the shadows. Ramona naively followed. ?What is this place?? Without warning, the Madame punched Ramona in the stomach, forcing her to collapse to her knees. From the distance, she could hear the sounds of boots clapping against the stone floor. ?Oof!? she moaned. A kick finished the job, knocking High Cleric Ramona Wilhelm on to her back. ?She’s down,? yelled Madame. " I went back to my bed and fell asleep. Next morning I could hear mom in the kitchen. As I walked by I could Fred still asleep on mom's bed. I walked in the kitchen with massive wood, I walked up behind mom and lifted her little t-shirt and shoved my cock into her cunt from behind. Mom let out a gasp as I pumped her, something I had always wanted to do. I made several thrust before filling mom's cunt with more of my load. "Wow, I am going to like this." Mom said as I pulled my limp cock.

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