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I looked through my closet for something to wear. A pair of tight jeans was about all I had for sexy pants, I wasn't even allowed to wear skirts. I di...n't think a long dress would look good for the interview. Other than that, I had a nice black shirt that was cute and made from very thin material. In fact, it was almost see-through, and my parents would never let me wear it withought something underneath. I did my makeup to look sexy and looked at myself in the mirror. I was 5'8", very slim. Then she held me to her again and nuzzled my neck. I kissed her ear and she smiled up at me. “Let's enjoy this,” she breathed.“Right, Allan get to work undressing her. Louise, make sure nothing gets in the way of the shots, you know what to do. Keep it slow, keep stopping, do as I say. Off you go!”And so I started my photoshoot as a male hardcore model! I was clear that Paul needed shots of Louise getting stripped step by step. That my role was to caress, unbutton, unzip, remove and fondle, at. "I can't see myself doing any of that." You mean this is all because of those damn Catholic rituals? Let's just get married by the Justice of the Peace," Jordan quipped.Angel shook her head, "My family will expect a church wedding. Let's just not get married."Jordan grasped her firmly with his good arm and pulled her close, "Listen to me Ms. Pirelli, we're getting married in the church then and that's the end of it. You'll wear a white wedding dress and we'll have the biggest damn Catholic. .." she gestured toward her crotch."Women's bodies are amazing, baby," Mai said, giving Zach a peck on thecheek. "Come over sometime and I'll show you more." We've got to get things cleaned up," Gaby said, gesturing toward thekitchen."Yeah, but after all this, I feel like getting dirty again before westart on lunch," Mai said with a grin. "See you girls later!"Mai and Gaby headed back into the kitchen, and with the ice broken, thenine young women began eating in earnest."So, a threesome, huh?".

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