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I’m not really clear on why, but the book said it does.’ ‘Damn.’ ‘So it works, huh?’ he asked. ‘Damn. Did you plan this out, too?’ ‘...o. I was just, in the moment. I suddenly remembered and thought I’d see if it worked. I guess it did.’ ‘I guess it did. Wow. Thank you, sir. Did you -‘ ‘Yep. You, oh, it was good.’ Yes, it was. We lay there for quite a while. He didn’t seem to be suffering under my weight. We couldn’t stay indefinitely, though. ‘I need to get you home, young man. What would your. Jyothi was felling very comfortable. She is moving naked in front of me as if I am her husband. I started feeling comfortable. I kissed her lips.. She closed her eyes and said.. “Pleaaaaaase sir. I am your wife this night. You can do whatever u do to your wife..” Then I pressed her boobs.. She was moaning..ummmmm.ummmmmm.. Then power came. She quickly jumped out from me hug and switched off the lights and switched on the TV. She increased the volume, so that no one can hear her moaning..I. She licked and gently sucked just the tip of his penis before she put him in her mouth. Once he was in her mouth she took great care to suck him and stroke him just how he liked. After she built up momentum and power, he said, ‘I could come right now.’ She smiled and sucked him one last time nice and hard before she stopped. Selfishly she did not want it to end quite yet. She wanted to start her day with an orgasm. Knowing that he wanted to come because of her excited her to no end. She was. Gutman. If there had been time last week, I would have turned you over my knee for that trick you pulled."Aubrey's eyes widened, "It was an honest mistake. But, far be it from me to let that get in the way of a good spanking."Rachel felt the blush rise again. It never really receded while Aubrey was here. But, she couldn't let the statement go unchallenged, "All of a sudden, I said to myself, 'I must really be getting the hang of this. She's never wrapped her legs around me this tightly before..

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