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The Colonel said that it wasn't that long ago he was in a similar situation the Lieutenants are in with this escort duty and he can remember how he fe...t, so he would like to make Bob's and Will's experience with this duty as pleasant as possible. He further reminisced and said that the lady he was assigned to escort was Jane Wells who now is Jane Jason. It turned out to be good duty the Colonel said with a smile on his face.As he was finishing telling this story, Jane Jason entered the room. But instead he took my smalldainty hands in his and kindly smiled towards me."As your former male self and as Jennifer I know you were used to placingtable orders by yourself. You are neither person anymore, Brandee. Youwill no longer have to trouble your silly little mind figuring out whatto order, I will do that for you. Right now you are a size 12, sometimesa size 10 and 145lbs. I would like you to be a size 8 and 130 lbs inless than two months, Brandee, so you will have to eat smarter. Our lips met with passionate force exploring every inch of each others mouth with our hot tongues. My hands immediately went to her firm ass and squeezed the life out of them. Lily’s hands starting right for my now rigid dick. As soon as she pulled my pants down to my ankles her hand was pumping my cock. Our lips never separated for an instant. I wanted this girl so bad. I stopped our kiss and turned her around. She put her hands on the hood of my car as I reached around and began to message. I opened it at 11:59 and found inside a stretchytube dress, and a pair of 5" high heels.12:00 Midnight. I changed. I took about a minute, and was not painfulat all, at least not physically painful. I watched it happen in themirror. My arms thinned, and I shrunk, my ass plumped up like aballoon, and two breasts grew on my chest, huge nipples erupting at theends of my new mammaries. My penis shrunk, disappeared, and wasreplaced with new sensation of hollowness and a damp sensation betweenmy legs..

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The Rituals Of India

The Rituals Of India

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