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Briget would present the Reverend Mother with a list of penitents,next to each penitents name was a brief description of the sin or sins committed by...the penitent,the Reverend Mother would consult her 'Sin Book' and the Bible before passing a judgement on the penitent. Once judgement was passed the penitent was taken to a confessor,this was a nun or monk authorized by the Reverend Mother to administer corporal punishment to the penitent. My position at the Secret Court was to perform the. ” She held the bag open and kept on smiling as she watched Dale and Mary also smiling at each other as they dipped their hands into the bag and each pulled out an envelope. They both looked at the envelope and saw nothing on it and looked at Emma with a questioning look.Emma explained, “Just to add to the fun, you will each go individually into the room opposite and one of the other supervisors, Jenny, will be there when you open the envelope. If you are a dom then she will send you through. Und dort gibt es ein Glory Hole. Nun bin ich wieder nervös. Schauen wir einfach einen Film, oder was erwartet er von mir? Nebenan entsteht ein Gerangel in der Kabine. Und bevor ich mir noch mehr Gedanken machen kann, schiebt sich ein Schwanz durch das Loch. Steinhart reckt er sich mir entgegen. Mein Schatz packt mir meine Titten aus, er will wohl auch was zum Spielen haben. Natürlich weiss ich, was von mir erwartet wird. Ich fange an zu blasen. Er erinnert mich daran, dass wir nicht übermässig. I was kicking and trying to scream. I heard what sounded like a door being opened, I was pushed inside. I fell to the ground, the door was closed. I tried and tired to unbound my hands to no anvil. I just thought, wow this person knows what they are doing. Even though I was scared I noticed I was becoming turned on.When the door was finally opened I heard loud foot steps come towards me. I just stayed still. I felt a soft gentle stroke on my face, than my face became hot and stung. I was just.

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Desi Anusha

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Friends Must see

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