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Danny jumped at the loudness of the sound, his head snapping up with a look of shock as he tried to figure out the intruder, but his shock quickly tur...ed to a grin with recognition. "You really scared me there for a minute." he smiled "What can I do for you today Charlie?" "Nothing actually, I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and thanks for helping me last week. the new monitor is actually a lot nicer than my old one, the extra space really makes a difference. It has been really nice." They. Sunday night, Sally got ready. She showered and made herself "look pretty" for her date. As she did, she had me feel her, to make sure she was smooth enough for Ted. Watching her shave her "bikini line," the message was unmistakable: her lover was going to see her, touch her, kiss her and fuck her there, and she wanted her body to be ready for him.We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Sally got ready, I got her a glass of wine, then I unpacked and prepared the room: candles, the bed turned. I have actually been quite shy all my life and that is what made it all the more surprising.I was travelling home from work on the train, a bit later than usual. Being a bit later it wasn’t quite so crowded so I had a seat and was enjoying a bit of a read, a nice girly book I had been promising myself as a guilty pleasure. Very lightweight, nothing to heavy duty.A couple of nice enough looking fellows came and sat in my section of the carriage and engaged me in casual chat. I was a bit put out. It took a while to push through the crowd. Finally, they reached the center, where a couple of women, still wearing their customary camo straps, along with three stout men flanked an unusual package: a young, naked woman, seemingly unconscious, hogtied over a piece of wood. The angle on which she slept prevented the tinkerer from taking a good look at her, but he could tell she had a shapely form, milky skin and bright pink hair, which hid her face. He frowned.Every now and then, a human would.

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