The way you enjoyed me pumping your cunt, I could sell you to any of a dozen whore houses around here, but Quince might find out and he wouldn't be with me." Bill started the car and pulled out of the disused factory. "Of course, no one can tell Quince where you are if no one sees you. I've always wanted my own personal whore."Jeff was praying for this nightmare to be over. A part of her was even wishing Bill would kill her so she could escape her new self. In less than a day she had lost. ..well that was my screw up. I forgot Gavin died and was like,"How about we have Gavin come back and we find out he is Diamond's brother..." Hawk was all for it until he sent me the chapter with a note,'Dude I killed Gavin....' I was like oh shit until I wee what he wrote.And for a good final fun thought.......the story is NOTHING like the original.Originally we had Maggie coming back to find Heath and Tiffany who have Karen. In this Michelle and Travis are so warped to have them be beaten and. I have my arms around Yuki’s neck, rocking, trying to force him a little higher inside me. We are face to face, watching each other in the multi-hued light from the 'Cowboy Bebop' nightlight where Spike watches us, his molded plastic face dour and softly glowing. Yuki has his hands on my hips, working me, thrusting as far as the thin wet cotton fabric will allow.Our mouths are touching but we aren’t kissing. Our damp lips rub against each other. Breath gusting in and out, breathing each other’s. It presented so well and the 30 minute tour just had them saying ahhhh, and Ooooo at every turn. I excused myself to go to the kitchen to put on coffee and while there found a nice dessert in the freezer for later. In about five minutes, Milly came in asking if she could help. That left you and Jim alone upstairs. What did you do up there? I asked Milly to get out the sugar/cream and cups and put them on a tray. She had to get up on her toes to reach the sugar bowl giving me a chance to admire.

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