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All of them were blown away when they saw Mary andNancy with their new look. Pam said, "Mary, you have a bigger bustline.It's very pretty, what happen...d?" Mary giggled and said, "I got moreshapely with a little help from my two friends. Don't I look great? Doyou think Tommy will like this new look?"The girls all said, "Tommy will love your new look and so will all themen in the office. Be careful!"Nancy paraded around looking in the mirrors. She was on the fence if sheliked the pointed look. We. Anyway, I said he has a crush on me, not on the baby." I'm sure he does. I think he sees you as more than Big Sister, Simone." I know that, I guess. But that's why I was trying to treat him as more of an adult. He seemed to be getting more comfortable about things with the baby, and like I said, with me breastfeeding." Right ... tell me that part again, Simone." O.K. Well, Kevin came over after school the other day. We were hanging out and joking around, I was feeding the baby, and he seemed. I had been mentally rehearsing what poses I might do, and getting myself horny thinking about it. Now that I was doing it, I was even more turned on. I reset the camera and hurriedly crawled onto the bed, this time on my hands and knees with my ass facing the camera, covered by only the back of the thong that disappeared between the cheeks of my ass, reappearing from the top of my crack with its thin band running around my waist.I looked over my left shoulder at the camera and smiled just. I used my knee to create space and slowly started pulling down her jeans.Once it was down i started rubbing her clit and d moment I did it she held my head wid both the hands and pressed on her boobs 1st orgasm registered. Now she unbuttoned my jeans and tried taking out my tool. All this while I had kept it out of her reach, it had become so large and thick that it was not coming out.She situp and with both hands pulled it out and started lowering down her pussy on it. My god it was bliss, she.

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